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Schockemohle Bridle - Equitus Omega - The Dressage Store
Schockemohle Bridle - Equitus Omega - The Dressage Store
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Schockemohle Bridle - Equitus Omega


The EQUITUS family from Schockemöhle Sports is growing! The new EQUITUS OMEGA model is based on the EQUITUS ALPHA. The cheek pieces are attached here with the help of a buckle. As with all models of the EQUITUS line, the innovative lines, which are tailored to the anatomy of the sensitive horse's head down to the smallest detail, reduce the pressure in exactly the right places and at the same time guarantee optimal freedom of movement. The curved noseband, which bypasses the main facial nerve of the horse. Since the cheek pieces are attached directly to the noseband, the bit is stable in the horse's mouth. In addition, the rein aids are also transmitted as a gentle impulse to the horse's nose, so that a particularly sensitive and effective aid is possible. The softly padded and anatomically shaped headpiece gives the ears maximum leeway and relieves the neck band. Your horse literally has enough room to breathe thanks to the repositioned locking strap. And finally, the curved headband, which is decorated with pretty clinches on the new EQUITUS OMEGA, prevents uncomfortable pressure in the area of ​​the eyes and ears thanks to the extra-wide fit.

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