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EIS Sun Shirt - Powder Blue



The long sleeve COOL Shirt ® is designed to keep you cool and comfortable under the hottest rays.  

Just as you use SPF sunscreen to protect your face, our EIS sun shirt has a UPF 50+ rating to block the sun’s rays. 

The subtly textured IceFil tech fabric is designed to wick away moisture and actually lower your body temperature by as much as 5 degrees. 

They've thought through all the details, and the EIS ® fans love the cuffed sleeves and collar that looks equally good zipped up or laying flat.

Fit is classic – neither fitted nor too boxy.

  • UPF 50 for maximum UV protection
  • Better airflow with mesh sleeve panels
  • Fast-drying
  • Anti-odor fabric
  • Fits true to size 
  • Easy care (and no, you won't lose the COOL Shirt ® features when you wash it – they’re woven right in, not just sprayed on)

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