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Kingsley Half Pad - The Dressage Store

Kingsley Half Pad



As riders, we know the horse's back is ever changing.  As a horse progresses in work, it is common knowledge that as the horse builds a strong top line, even with the best saddle fitter, changes can happen rapidly and the saddle may not fit 100%. Keeping our horse comfortable and happy in their work is one of our most important jobs as riders, trainers and owners.  

Knowing this, we have now introduced the Kingsley Pad. The pad is a strong pressure relieving saddle pad, which also absorbs shocks for both the horse and the rider.


For the first time, in the field of equestrianism, a pad has been developed where extensive pressure measurements were implemented. A team of technicians, veterinary doctors, a scientist from a university hospital and a renowned saddle maker, have developed this unique and performance enhancing pad using space and aerospace technology. This pad is suitable for all disciplines of equestrianism, for both the top athlete and the recreational rider. This handmade pad has special properties in the field of:

·  pressure distribution 

·  shock absorption 

·  breathable structure

·  weight (light)


Pressure distribution The strong pressure-relieving pad is manufactured in different thicknesses. Depending on usage, you can choose a specific thickness that best suits you and your horse. The pad excels in its distributive power of peak pressure. During the movements of the horse, a large part of the energy is absorbed and distributed by the fibres, so that the number of pressure points is reduced. 


Shock absorption The first pressure measurements were performed by jumping horses at Stud farm Duyselhof (VDL Groep). The pressure was measured as the horse came down, wherein the increased pressure emerged at specific locations under the saddle. The Kingsley Pad has a high shock absorbing capacity and pressure-reducing power, which reduces the number of pressure points.


Breathable structure The Kingsley Pad is made of several layers of breathable 3D woven polyester fibre. Because of this weaving technique, hundreds of thousands of shock absorbers are created on the entire surface. The pad ventilates better through the open structure and moisture can be better discharged due to heating. This keeps the horse considerably drier and there are less irritation spots on the skin.


Lightweight The Kingsley Pad is lightweight and weighs between 370 and 440 grams. The polyester fibre does not absorb moisture allowing the pad to retain its lightweight even while riding. Furthermore, the Kingsley Pad is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius and retains its quality even after many washes.


1,2, and 3 layer Pad The pad consists of 3 layers. The top layer and the bottom layer of the Kingsley 1, 2 and 3 Layer Pad is 3 mm thick and made of 100% polyester. The middle layer consists of a three-dimensional woven polyester fibre of 6 mm thickness. Depending on the choice of the pad, the middle layer consists of one, two or 3 fibre layers. Available in black, white and brown.


If you do not see the option you'd like online, we can probably order it for you and have it imported and delivered in about two weeks!

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